Holycow! Steakhouse

(Now Closed)
Steakhouse and American Restaurant$$$$
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
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  • reza setiawan ر.
    Always love this place for its "friendly price" Steak in town! My recommendation is to order the Big Bites, a slapping 400gr Steak for your satisfaction!
  • Chitrayani S.
    Chitrayani SandraFebruary 19, 2014
    Like this place better than camp 1 Senopati, you can have your own table, i mean not share with others. Always love wagyu by Chef Afit, go get Wagyu Rib Eye with buddy sauce, YUMM!!
  • Prayudi S.
    Prayudi SetiadharmaSeptember 5, 2014
    ...wagyu, hokubee, nolan, whatever...when it comes to beef, what i care about is the portion and portion only, so it's "BIG BITES" for me...definitely;)
  • Ferdinand David S.
    Ferdinand David SimonAugust 13, 2012
    Open at 6. No reservation. First come first serve. The best is Wagyu Tenderloin, medium, with Blackpepper and French Fries, top with Tiramisu. Super!
  • Iman S.
    Iman SubektiMarch 14, 2012
    Jangan lupa cobain wagyu rib eye...dgn tingkat kematangan medium atau medium-rare .... lezat and juicy-nya wagyu bener2 terasa, even if you don't pour any saus on it... :)
  • Tri Utami Kusumadewi
    Tri Utami KusumadewiDecember 1, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    The taste is really good and tasty.. You must try! Wagyuu rib,sirloin and the tenderloin +buddi's combo.. (˘ڡ˘) don't forget, get a refill lemon tea
  • Safrul A.
    Safrul AmriSeptember 12, 2014
    This time i order prime sirloin with mushroom sauce. Steak is tender, sauce is good. Very recommended
  • elodia w.
    elodia widiardiniAugust 8, 2015
    Australian prime tenderloin with mashed potatoes, spinach, mushroom n BBQ sauce.
  • Ferdinand David S.
    Ferdinand David SimonMarch 29, 2014
    Wagyu ribeye is the best. Tweet for free Misu but ask to be served after meal while still cold.
  • Linx
    LinxSeptember 29, 2013
    Buddy's special medium with buddy's special sauce is perfect! Empuk, juicy, enak banget 😍
  • Lian D.
    Lian DoangDecember 5, 2015
    my newbie fav menu is wagyu bolar blade.. yummy!
  • Nonon
    NononNovember 28, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Mash potatoes+mushroom saus is good for additional prime tenderloin or wagyu.
  • Yohan Gabriel L.
    Yohan Gabriel LiutamaAugust 21, 2014
    If the place is packed, you could have a table at the restaurant next to it, but you will have to buy your drinks there.
  • Tiara
    TiaraJanuary 8, 2012
    My ultimate favorite: Medium rare rib eye wagyu with mushroom sauce. :9
  • Tania S.
    Tania SugandaSeptember 24, 2012
    The Rib Eye Wagyu is the best Rib Eye I've ever taste
  • Fresa Y.
    Fresa YurizaMarch 14, 2014
    Basically, all kind of meat will taste the same if it's well done cooked.
  • Ari P.
    Ari PermanaSeptember 30, 2012
    Wagyu Rib Eye Blackpepper sauce yummy.........
  • Davina M.
    Davina MandrawataAugust 27, 2011
    medium-well Wagyu rib-eye n mushroom sauce is the best!
  • Irfan
    IrfanMay 9, 2013
    One of the best steak ever in Jakarta.. Try the Wagyu.. !!
  • Retha D.
    Retha DunggaAugust 29, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Gotta try the wagyu! Ask for free tiramisu once you tweeted the place.
  • Iman S.
    Iman SubektiMarch 27, 2012
    they really know how to prepare steak in here ... with unbeatable price
  • Rani M.
    Rani MochdieOctober 21, 2011
    couldn't asked for a better quality steak for the price they have, my kids love the steak
  • elodia w.
    elodia widiardiniDecember 26, 2015
    Hokubee Tenderloin sauce mushroom
  • rani i.
    rani indraNovember 26, 2013
    Better than gading-meat size bigger and place also
  • Madia U.
    Madia UtamaApril 1, 2012
    Steaks were great like usual. But no special care for handicap old people.
  • Endro N.
    Endro NurharendroJune 30, 2012
    I tried Buddy Special here, not recommended! The steak is way too greasy, the grilling time: I asked medium-well but they gave me reared meat! Much more better at Radio Dalam branch!
  • Luna A.
    Luna AskarFebruary 15, 2013
    Selalu waiting list. But the Wagyu superb!
  • Harry I.
    Harry IswaraJanuary 28, 2014
    Superb meat..superb taste!
  • Eric K.
    Eric KairupanAugust 7, 2012
    Don't 4get to collect the flags, and win Samsung Galaxy Note! Valid thru August 13th 2012.
  • Andre I.
    Andre IndoJune 17, 2015
    Bad service, >15 minutes without anyone taking the order. Had to get up and order directly at the grill. Waiter standing around doing nothing. Got the order wrong too. Don't come here. Food just ok
  • Annisa R.
    Annisa RahmawatiJune 1, 2014
    I ordered well done, but at some part they got me in medium 😔 not really best.
  • Bobby B.
    Bobby BronsonJuly 30, 2015
    The best value steak in jakarta.
  • Baby S.
    Da taste is quite good!
  • Silly S.
    Silly SummerSeptember 11, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Prime rib eye wz homemade mushroom sauce noommm noommm
  • @harryyy_id
    @harryyy_idAugust 21, 2011
    belom sempet-sempet kesini.. ppls tell me they have a great taste for wagyu
  • Monika P.
    Barbeque sauce is not good, better eat the steak with mushroom sauce.
  • Puti J.
    Puti JakubJanuary 7, 2013
    Been here 10+ times
    a must try : mushroom sauce. juara enaknya!! :9
  • Kathy K.
    Kathy KaTzDecember 26, 2011
    Order the buddy combo set, served on particular day at particular outlet
  • Ridwan Z.
    Ridwan Zia KusumahAugust 27, 2014
    U'll get free of charge if u having birthday
  • Yhan A.
    Yhan ArdhanaJuly 17, 2014
    Wagyu rib eye atau big bites ya?
  • Kriska V.
    Kriska VmonNovember 19, 2013
    Wagyu tenderloin w/bbq sauce
  • Fahmi P.
    Fahmi PahleviNovember 4, 2013
    Try the famoua buddy sauce made from Basil
  • Baringin M.
    Baringin MarpaungFebruary 27, 2015
    Love the Sirloin Big bites...
  • Rio K.
    Rio KusumahadiJuly 5, 2014
    Big bites butterfly grilled style
  • Irsyad H.
    Irsyad HasbiJuly 10, 2012
    sirloin wagyu steak with mushroom sauce :D
  • Indrawaty L.
    Indrawaty LinJanuary 17, 2015
    wagyu wagyu
  • Wisnu W.
    Wisnu WidiartaAugust 5, 2013
    Best place for carnivors!
  • Lukman N.
    Lukman NurhadiDecember 23, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    if you send mention @holycowsteak in your twitter, you can get free tiramisu..
  • Arga N.
    Arga NaradaAugust 20, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    One time I ate 2 portions of Rib Eye steak just for the sake of it!
  • Erwansyah A.
    Erwansyah AnoemDecember 22, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    More cozy than the 1st camp.
  • Ade V.
    Ade VenuskaFebruary 27, 2013
    Try to mix mushroom sauce with blackpepper sauce !
  • Retha D.
    Retha DunggaMay 8, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Gotta love the wagyus! Have tiramisu afterwards.
  • Adrianus P.
    Adrianus PrimaDecember 9, 2014
    Free steak at your birthday!
  • Anastasia M.
    Anastasia MursantoJanuary 12, 2013
    The steak was greasy, the french fries were too salty and soggy, we ordered medium-well done but got raw steaks instead. What in the world?
  • dhira m.
    dhira maniraApril 20, 2011
    Been here 25+ times
    wagyu rump medium well, nyaaam! It's so heaven on earth (˘ڡ˘)
  • Krizia
    KriziaAugust 21, 2011
    Mention @holycowsteak and get free dessert!
  • BuBu E.
    BuBu EfaAugust 29, 2012
    be there for Lunch
  • Dondi H.
    Dondi HanantoAugust 14, 2014
    Wagyu ribeye
  • Rahadyan N.
    Rahadyan NugrohoApril 4, 2016
    Nice Steak there
  • Pican R.
    Pican RachmatAugust 23, 2011
    Tenderloin Wagyu-nya...THE BEST!!
  • Astari S.
    Astari SaraswatiApril 29, 2012
    Okay it is delicious steak, but not the best
  • Michael S.
    wagyu with affordable price :D
  • Indah Y.
    Indah YantiOctober 26, 2011
    Buddy's special + teteub ... Jus strawberry :D
  • Irma I.
    Irma IrademaMarch 15, 2011
    must try favorite steak....:)
  • Diah N.
    Diah NataliaJanuary 10, 2013
  • Juna
    JunaApril 24, 2015
    Cozy place
  • Donpio M.
    Donpio MadaSeptember 15, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Mushroom Sauce, my fav !!
  • Bintang C.
    Bintang Cahya DwiputraDecember 22, 2014
    party lah setelah perjuangan panjang
  • Pican R.
    Pican RachmatAugust 19, 2011
    Nice wagyu!
  • Tanhar M.
    Tanhar MaharsiDecember 25, 2011
    Wajib dicoba, Monggo !!!
  • Richard H.
    Richard HutaurukJune 26, 2011
    wagyu rib eye maknyuss..
  • headintheclouds
    headinthecloudsAugust 18, 2011
    Buddy's Special !!!
  • Lamz
    LamzJuly 24, 2011
    Sering keabisan :( Come earlier!
  • @jakarta_food
    @jakarta_foodDecember 30, 2010
    Follow @holycowsteak for more infos :)
  • Vie I.
    Vie InstyleAugust 20, 2013
    Buddy time
  • J. L.
    J. Lepianda (jessie)October 21, 2011
  • Gede S.
    Gede SerikastawanMarch 14, 2014
    Nothing special
  • Lydia A.
    Lydia AnggreaniFebruary 9, 2015
    Wagyu nya lembut!!! Saos W sauce rasanya unik dan harus dimakan bersama daging baru berasa enaknya *daging dan saos diharapkan jgn langsung ditelan yah, rasakan perpaduan antara daging dan olive oil
  • Maria G.
    Maria GabriellaMay 9, 2011
    Tenderloin Wagyu & burger-nya yummy! Mushroom sauce nya jangan lupa. Harga lumayan, Burger 30ribu-an. Steak 90ribu-an. Ngantrinya lumayan juga, but worth the wait kok.
  • Prima
    PrimaOctober 9, 2012
    Kalo disini pas ulang tahun, selalu pilih Tenderloin Wagyu Steak! Gratis dan enak. Pelayannya ramah juga.
  • Budi H.
    Budi HardiansyahApril 2, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    Senin - Selasa coba paket budy nya 2 Steak + minum cuma 140 ribu dan promo ulang tahun gratis satu Steak
  • Satriyo P.
    Satriyo PutrantoFebruary 23, 2013
    Kalo malem minggu ngantrinya luar biasa. Favorite disini wagyu sirloinnya. Jangan lupa pesen tiramisu buat penutup.
  • Gaby A.
    Gaby AveJanuary 3, 2013
    Kalo kesini sediain budget minimal 150,karna aku biasa abis segitu.its worth it for a classy wagyu steak like holycow
  • Andre S.
    Andre SibueaAugust 23, 2011
    steak dan burgernya mantap! tapi, tempatnya sempit! dijamin tidak nyaman di datangi pas jam buka puasa!!
  • Arie M.
    Arie MulyahatiNovember 15, 2011
    Been here 10+ times
    lebih suka tempatnya yg disini..ada AC-nya jadi ngga terlalu panasdan wagyu-nya selalu menjadi menu favorit kami...
  • A H.
    A HazetOctober 9, 2016
    Nama besarnya membuat saya tergiur utk mencoba steakhouse ini. setelah membuktikannya saya bisa berkomentar cukup enak tapi tidak istimewa, tidak mahal tapi tidak murah seperti kata orang#KulinerJKT
  • Mr Dahar
    Mr DaharFebruary 11, 2011
    Cabang disini lebih nyaman dan luas dibanding di Radio Dalam. Steak Wagyunya tetap menjadi menu andalan. Wanna try?
  • Agus S.
    Agus SetyawanJanuary 12, 2014
    Been here 5+ times
    The best steak in town *slurp... tiap ke Jekardah diusahakan mampir kesini :)
  • Endro N.
    Endro NurharendroDecember 7, 2014
    Pesan us tenderloin tp dagingnya banyak lemak & uratnya.
  • Muhamad S.
    Muhamad SapuriSeptember 4, 2012
    Been here 10+ times
    Sekarang Senopati & Radio Dalam beda owner. Soal rasa tetep yg disini Juaranya!!!
  • Acad S.
    Acad SyahrialMarch 16, 2013
    Steak is one of the best.. sayang waiter agak rada budeg suka salah nulis nama; P
  • Budi H.
    Budi HardiansyahFebruary 27, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    Paling top Wagyu sirloin marble 9....medium...+ mushroom sauce yg punya darah tinggi aman2 aja tug
  • Septiyani K.
    Septiyani KamaliaMay 24, 2012
    Gratis makan steak pas hari ulang tahun. Tinggal nunjukin ktp sama pake bando bunny atau rusa hahaha
  • Johan A. S.
    Johan A. SalehAugust 7, 2014
    Dateng kesini kalo ulang tahun. Biar dapet steak gratis buat yang ulang tahun
  • D355Y F.
    Enakkan disini tempatnya drpd diradio dalam! Disini lebih luas, lebih lega
  • Yukie K.
    Yukie KartaatmajaJanuary 4, 2015
    Buddy Special emang special...ga pnah bosen makan eneh...
  • Benny C.
    Benny CitroJuly 6, 2012
    Menu buddy's special nya enak...
  • Jelita A.
    Jelita AbiSeptember 29, 2011
    Untuk dagingnya is really outstanding  tp apa yg salah ya dgn sausnya?? Rasanya bener2 terpisah dari daging. Jadi kaya makan daging panggang only.. 
  • Endi G.
    Endi GJune 25, 2013
    Lumayan, dapat tiramisu gratis kalo nge-tweet ...
  • Lola S.
    Lola SandyliaFebruary 4, 2012
    Makan steak ga usah pakai saus, juicy meat. Sausnya mushroom buat kentang.. NYUM-MY!
  • Jeffrey M.
    Jeffrey MaJuly 3, 2012
    Ok lah buat harga segini. Tapi blackpepper sauce nya sih aneh rasanya. Ga enak. Minuman refill nya sih versi hemat banget! Banyak bgt campuran airnya di blackcurrant.
  • DidiTH Ad! W.
    DidiTH Ad! W!jaYaDecember 13, 2011
    Wagyu disini M3 : Murah , Meriah , Mantaaapp...!!! :D
  • Jeffrey M.
    Jeffrey MaJuly 3, 2012
    Meja plastik nya diganti kayu atau yg lebih berkualitas dikit. Goyang ga jelas kalau lg makan bisa geser2
  • Dennis N.
    Dennis NugrahaSeptember 21, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Kalo wagyu medium rare enak, masi empuk. Tp kalo non wagyu mending medium well deh, medium rare nya agak alot.
  • Febri A.
    Febri AyudeaSeptember 8, 2015
    Satu bangunan dengan Loobie Lobster. Selamat kenyang! :))
  • Meirina F.
    Meirina FRSeptember 21, 2014
    Sumi aku kalap 😂😂
  • Wyta K.
    Wyta K.December 24, 2013
    Kl di senopati penuh, ada buka baru di tendean!
  • Dewi
    DewiAugust 3, 2013
    Tenderloin selalu habis...mesti dtg awal...
  • Yolenta E.
    Yolenta Eka PuspitaDecember 22, 2013
    Steak wagyunya too tasty so rasa dagingny udah ga kerasa.. order mediun well tp kluarnya almost well done.. hargany kurang sesuai dengan kualitas..
  • Syahraki S.
    Syahraki SyahrirOctober 20, 2012
    lebih enak dari kompetitornya di radio dalam :)
  • fajri y.
    fajri yusufOctober 14, 2011
    banyak yang bilang enak.. tapi bukan berarti saya ... :p
  • Bimo W.
    Bimo WicaksonoApril 16, 2011
    Enak banget ! Tapi yg ngangtri beeuh panjangnya..
  • Irza P.
    Irza PulunganAugust 28, 2013
    Rasa black peppernya gak standar, lebih kayak kecap dan manis. Dagingnya cukup lembut
  • Juliana P.
    Juliana PutriOctober 16, 2015
    Nii yg pertama. Dan paling enak
  • chrysalic
    chrysalicDecember 26, 2010
    Yuuuhuuu, kalo check in gak dapet special disc atau tiramisu yaaa? :)
  • Lukman N.
    Lukman NurhadiDecember 23, 2010
    Been here 10+ times
    Buka Siang jam 11.00 s/d 14.00 WIB Buka Malam jam 17.30 s/d Sold out...
  • Wildan Novendri
    Wildan NovendriJanuary 14, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Lusiiiiiii... Banyak lalet kaliiii inih resto lo.. Diapain ya cyin??
  • Hodo P.
    Hodo PurwokoOctober 18, 2014
    Refill beefnya dong mas
  • Billy B.
    Billy BOctober 22, 2011
    Semuanya Habiz...kecuali 3 steak aja. Aaaarrrrghh
  • Septiyani K.
    Septiyani KamaliaMay 19, 2012
    Ada rainbow cake dan red velvet juga!
  • Francisca X.
    Francisca XaveriaJanuary 6, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Tempatnya jauuuuuh lebih enak drpd yg di radal.. ☺
  • Budi H.
    Budi HardiansyahApril 1, 2013
    Been here 5+ times
    Marble 9 nya Tetap paling top
  • Castiliano Y.
    Castiliano YuriFebruary 10, 2013
    Masih enak seperti dulu bnged ni tempat
  • Hilda K.
    Hilda KristinaFebruary 26, 2012
    Been here 5+ times
    Skrg sdh ber AC loh
  • Bintang C.
    banyak gratisannya...
  • Johan S.
    Johan SilamApril 20, 2013
    Yg ultah gratis wagyu
  • nip n.
    nip nipDecember 18, 2011
    Siapin mental buat antri :)
  • Sulaiman A.
    Sulaiman AlbugisApril 13, 2012
    enak nih... :D
  • dyah nastiti
    dyah nastitiJanuary 11, 2011
    Tempatnya lbh enak, tp pelayanannya jg lbh lama drpd yg di radal
  • Rahmat H.
    Rahmat HidayatMay 21, 2012
    Porsi Bigbites nya GOKIL guede bener x_x
  • kenhalim
    kenhalimAugust 22, 2013
    masih sepiiiii huhuhu
  • Ivan A.
    Ivan AnugrahFebruary 5, 2012
    (y) :D (y)
  • Iwink A.
    Iwink AJanuary 10, 2012
    Pelayannya yang namanya bagas...ngehe...!!!
  • Faisal A.
    Faisal AhmadOctober 1, 2011
    setelah selesai makan mending langsung bayar dan pergi aja, kurang cocok buat ngobrol2 lama
  • n.o.n.a
    n.o.n.aMarch 17, 2011
    pesen green tea utk minumnya ;)
  • Ivanriadi T.
    Datang lebih awal sebelum dibuka.
  • Marini F.
    Marini FitriaJanuary 14, 2011
    Alhamdulillah rejeki hamil dapet free refill
  • Belanja P.
    Belanja Pulsa MurahSeptember 4, 2011
    Warung Pulsa. 168
  • Dewi S.
    Dewi SimanjuntakDecember 28, 2010
    Been here 5+ times
    Ingattt hari Selasa tutup :)
  • Bob W.
    Bob WidjajantoMarch 25, 2012
    Pelayan payah...Gak bisa reserve tempat
  • Evie R.
    Evie RachmawatiMarch 22, 2011
    Antrinya gak tahan, demi Wagyu.
  • windy p.
    windy pramudyaNovember 8, 2012
    hmm kayaknya sirloin big bites-nya cucok untuk yang belum makan 2 hari x)
  • Dizz 1.
    Dizz 11January 1, 2011
    Buka gak ya today?
  • Ferdianzah S.
    Ferdianzah SilangAugust 26, 2014
    Enaaak bngt wagyu dan apapunnyaa sukaaaaa🍖🍖❤️❤️
  • Hendro B.
    Hendro BagaskoroMarch 4, 2011
    Been here 5+ times
    Sirloin wagyu steak-nya . ( | MANTAB !! | )? _____ \ \ / /_____ ?(____ _) \ / (_____)?(_____ ) _)__ (B)__(_ (______)?(__ ___) )"" ||""(
  • Bram Kristofer T.
    Bram Kristofer TanNovember 23, 2013
    Mahal tp Biasa saja... (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻
  • Cahyo S.
    Cahyo SukaryoFebruary 26, 2011
    Penuhhh terpaksa sharing meja dg orang lain :-(
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