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  • 9.3

    Dover Street Market

    Boutique 160 Lexington Ave New York, NY

    People also say (28 tips):

    • Krıstófer-Þórır D.
      Krıstófer-Þórır D.: "It’s hard to define the 7-story experience that is NY’s first DSM. But that’s just what its visionary designer Rei Kawakubo, intended: right down to the three pillars that pierce through the floors."
    • Racked
      Racked: "The Comme des Garçons Dover Street Market is a game changer for New York City retail. It's 7 floors, and carries everything from Supreme tee shirts to custom Prada. [Racked 38 Member]"
  • 8.4

    Dig Inn Seasonal Market

    American Restaurant 2884 Broadway New York, NY

    People talk about: brussel sprouts

    People also say (6 tips):

    • Brian W.
      Brian W.: "Look for the "CARDOMAT" sign. When I was in college this was a stationery store, and they haven't changed the sign yet."
    • Lara M.
      Lara M.: "Best Turkey Sandwich in a long time. Glad this joint opened in da hood."
  • 8.4


    Cocktail Bar 120 Rivington St New York, NY

    People talk about: absinthe, brandy

    People also say (5 tips):

    • Josephine S.
      Josephine S.: "Gorgeous little cocktail joint. No annoying LES hipsters in sight! Get the Green Thumb, but all the cocktails are stellar!"
    • Lisa T.
      Lisa T.: "Good selection of cocktails, great atmosphere, plus the bathroom smells amazing and has 3 jars of essentials - mints, matches, and tampons."

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