Sima’s Liked Places
Kebapname is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

1. Kebapname

Vişnelik Mah. Atatürk Blv. No:110/A, Eskişehir, Eskişehir
Kebab Restaurant · 161 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Iskender kebab is the one to try 👍.

Tchibo is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

2. Tchibo

Eskibağlar Mah. Üniversite Cad. No:21, Eskişehir, Eskişehir
Coffee Shop · Eskibağlar · 63 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Really the best quality coffee in town. Not over-sweet. Just pure coffee goodness.

Pizza Rucola is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

3. Pizza Rucola

Gazikent Mahallesi,Akçay Caddesi.No:326/E, Gaziemir, Izmir
Pizzeria · 36 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Fresh, original pizzas for a reasonable price. Great atmosphere, interior and staff.

L'agora Old Town Cafe is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

4. L'agora Old Town Cafe

Kemeraltı, Konak, Izmir
Café · 79 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Nice atmosphere and architecture. Perfect spot for a coffee break. Though you need to pay 1tl for the bathroom. What's up with that?

Gloria Jean's Coffees is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

5. Gloria Jean's Coffees

Beyazevler Mah. Akçay Cad. No:101, Gaziemir, Izmir
Coffee Shop · Beyazevler · 38 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Don't go to overcrowded Starbucks, come here! It is spacious and quiet. And try Vanilla Spice Latte, it is so delicious, but not oversweet.

SC INN Boutique Hotel is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

6. SC INN Boutique Hotel

Mürsel Paşa Blv. No:2/2, Konak, Izmir
Hotel · 40 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Clean, tidy, city centered hotel. Staff is kind and hardworking. Pricing is reasonable 👍.

İda Coffee is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

7. İda Coffee

İstiklal Mah. Adalar Sok. No:17, Eskişehir
Coffee Shop · 45 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Try the lemon cake! Omg, too delicious.

Kanatlı Pidem is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

8. Kanatlı Pidem

Hoşnudiye Mahallesi, Sağın Sk. Kanatlı AVM No:4, (Kızılcıklı Mahmut Pehlivan Caddesi), Eskişehir, Eskişehir
Pide Place · Hoşnudiye Mahallesi · 6 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Really cool and clean place. You will get your order quickly. Maybe skip on künefe. Take Pide because it is delicious.

KahvEvi is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

9. KahvEvi

Kentpark (Şeker Mah. Sivrihisar-2 Cad.), Eskişehir, Eskişehir
Coffee Shop · 21 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Really nice and cute place to have a cup of coffee.

1453 Osmanlı is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

10. 1453 Osmanlı

Yenibağlar Mah. Hacı Hüsnü Sok. No:64, Eskişehir, Eskişehir
Hookah Bar · 35 tips and reviews

SimaSima: I can't recommend this place enough. Top quality service, best in town nargile ❤.

Midyeci Ahmet is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

11. Midyeci Ahmet

Tahaffuzhane Cad. No: 58/1 (Tuzla Şubesi), Tuzla, Istanbul
Seafood Restaurant · 120 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Omg! Best mussels ever! I am not even kidding, you won't be able to stop yourself ❤.

Eminönü Balıkçısı is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

12. Eminönü Balıkçısı

Eminönü köprüaltı, Istanbul, Istanbul
Seafood Restaurant · 109 tips and reviews
Tuzla Balıkçısı is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

13. Tuzla Balıkçısı

Postane Mh. Manastır Yolu Cd. No:6, Tuzla, Istanbul
Seafood Restaurant · 2586 tips and reviews

SimaSima: The line to be seated might scare you, but fear not! Servis is fast and the fish is extremely delicious. Price is more than reasonable.

Varuna Gezgin is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

14. Varuna Gezgin

Hoşnudiye Mah. Siloönü Sok. No:3, Eskişehir, Eskişehir
Café · Hoşnudiye · 816 tips and reviews

SimaSima: The best breakfast in town. No photo, because it was just too delicious, I ate everything :D.

15. İspanyol Kültür & Mucho Gusto Café

Eskibağlar Mah. Yenilik Sok., Eskişehir, Eskişehir
Café · 14 tips and reviews

SimaSima: A lovely and cosy place with a taste of an authentic Spanish culture. Try original cookies! They are made according to a secret grandma's recipe ❤.

Tiara hotel Büyükada is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

16. Tiara hotel Büyükada

Recreation Center · Nizam · 6 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Clean rooms and a friendly manager 👍. Please enjoy a small gallery at the lobby.

Büyükada is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

17. Büyükada

İlçe Merkezi, Adalar, Istanbul
Island · Nizam · 1362 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Scenic view, romantic atmosphere. But don't ride the bike. Hills are so steep, you will need to push it all the way up anyway.

Moda Kokoreç is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

18. Moda Kokoreç

Kokoreç Restaurant · Maden · 3 tips and reviews

SimaSima: You can get really cheap and fresh mussel here 👍.

M & N Balık Restaurant is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

19. M & N Balık Restaurant

Alipaşa Mh. Lise Cd., Kütahya, Kütahya
Seafood Restaurant · 80 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Fish with cheese and mushrooms is so delicious! Next to it you get a plate of salad. And all of this only for 12 liras! Come on ❤!

Nostalji Cafe is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

20. Nostalji Cafe

cunda adası, ayvalık
Café · 3 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Sparkling water with lemon (Churcill) is popular here. I recommend to come here for a view, scenery is breathtaking!

Taş Kahve is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

21. Taş Kahve

Cunda (Cunda Çarşı Caddesi), Ayvalık, Balıkesir
Tea Room · 1486 tips and reviews

SimaSima: A historical cafe with a real, authentic Turkish aura. Handmade Turkish coffe is a must try here.

tiraje kahvaltı ve zeytin ürünleri is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

22. tiraje kahvaltı ve zeytin ürünleri

Breakfast Spot · 5 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Rich breakfast, fast service, you won't get poisoned. Isn't that all you can want from a pit stop place :)?

Şekerev Balık Restaurant is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

23. Şekerev Balık Restaurant

İskele Cad. Yalı Sok. No:9 Tirilye, Mudanya, Bursa
Fish Taverna · 154 tips and reviews

SimaSima: You must try exceptionally delicious shrimp casserole and grilled fish. Service is also top notch 👍.

Pizza Locale is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

24. Pizza Locale

Hoşnudiye Mah. İsmet İnönü 1 Cad. No:153/E, Eskişehir, Eskişehir
Pizzeria · 113 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Try out Pepperoni pizza, it is really delicious, especially pickled peppers on top 💝.

Pastryclub is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

25. Pastryclub

Machinekamer Strijp S (Ketelhuisplein 7-9), Eindhoven, North-Brabant
Pastry Shop · Strijp, Eindhoven · 3 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Most hipster interior ever! Very original.

Talutti - Bakes 'n' Shakes is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

26. Talutti - Bakes 'n' Shakes

Vasario 16-osios gatvė 2, Kaunas, Kaunas County
Restaurant · 9 tips and reviews
Happy Italy is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

27. Happy Italy

Catharinaplein 15, Eindhoven, North-Brabant
Italian Restaurant · Stratumseind · 67 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Biiiig pizzas and reasonable prices! Though waiters are kinda disorganized.

Talutti - Bakes 'n' Shakes is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

28. Talutti - Bakes 'n' Shakes

Restaurant · 14 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Amazing service! Waiters were so kind and professional. Original meniu ❤!

Kepyklėlė 101 is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

29. Kepyklėlė 101

Laisvės alėja 42, Kaunas
Bakery · 24 tips and reviews

SimaSima: It is a great place for fresh pastries. Try out the local cuisine, here they offer delicious traditional dishes!

Polat İskender Kellepaça is one of Sima’s Liked Places.

30. Polat İskender Kellepaça

Akçaburgaz Mah. Avrupa Otoyolu Hadımköy Bağlantısı No : 148 / A1, Esenyurt, Istanbul
Restaurant · Akçaburgaz · 10 tips and reviews

SimaSima: Don't break the bank in Istanbul! Eat here!!! Reasonable price, mouthwatering dishes and excellent service. ❤❤❤ (loooots of ikram)