Foursquare's maps are powered by MapBox and use OpenStreetMap. If you're here to correct an error you found on a Foursquare map, you're in the right place. As an added bonus, all your edits help improve OpenStreetMap, which is the central map database used by hundreds of websites.

  1. Create an account on
  2. Select "iD editor" from the edit drop down and get started!
Start Mapping
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What belongs on the Map?

OpenStreetMap is a place for any data that's both real and current. It includes millions of buildings, roads, and other details about places.

What it doesn't include is subjective data (like ratings), or data that isn't current, like outdated details or hypothetical structures.

No time to edit? Add a note.

If you just want something small fixed but don't have the time to sign up and edit, it's easy to add a note.

Just go to and click 'Add a note' in the bottom-right corner. Once you add your note, experienced mappers will find and address your issue.

Any Questions?

Need help mapping, or have questions about using OpenStreetMap? Head over to OpenStreetMap's help site!