Modern Times Cafe is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

1. Modern Times Cafe

3200 Chicago Ave (Chicago & 32nd), Minneapolis, MN
Café · Central · 38 tips and reviews

Adrien A.Adrien Arnao: Crust punks and hipster central. Pretty good food tho!

JordynJordyn: A little too hipster for me, but the croque is really good.

Lauren M.Lauren Melcher: I always order off the specials menu, and add a pancake with bacon on the side :)

Spyhouse Coffee is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

2. Spyhouse Coffee

2451 Nicollet Ave (at E 25th St), Minneapolis, MN
Coffee Shop · Whittier · 87 tips and reviews

MPLScoMPLSco: Sip on coffee amongst hipsters and MCAD students.

Clyde Erwin B.Clyde Erwin Barretto: Definitely a "student" or "hipster" type of coffee shop. Decor is cute but the Frappe here is just not good. The shots are not strong enough.

Amy M.Amy Muchko: I went through the reviews and the majority are bad because the hipster pretension in this place is enough to make you lose your lunch.

First Avenue & 7th St Entry is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

3. First Avenue & 7th St Entry

701 1st Ave N (at 7th St.), Minneapolis, MN
Music Venue · Warehouse District · 128 tips and reviews

Sean S.Sean Stavast: Spot a hipster!

Ben M.Ben Miller: Catch a show from right behind the sound board. Enjoy the great view, the superb mix and easy access to the back bar.

HISTORYHISTORY: This venue was once the Greyhound bus station, and it's alleged that ghosts of travelers and homeless people who died at the bus station now haunt First Avenue.

Icehouse is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

4. Icehouse

2528 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN
American Restaurant · Whittier · 98 tips and reviews

Mpls.St.Paul MagazineMpls.St.Paul Magazine: Best Hipster Hangout: New School 2012: Here’s how you know you’re in the right place: The walls are fragrant cedar, the drinks have clever names, and the servers are mustachioed.

Stephen K.Stephen Koontz: Mustaches everywhere. I feel like noting this as a hipster hangout is the least hipster tip I could leave.

Leib Y.Leib Yardley: Beer selection is shit. Get something else. Very hipster vibe.

Spyhouse Coffee is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

5. Spyhouse Coffee

2404 Hennepin Ave (at W 24th St), Minneapolis, MN
Coffee Shop · East Isles · 84 tips and reviews

LilyLily: This may turn you towards or against this cafe, but it is definitely a hipster hangout spot.

Rocco C.Rocco Compton: Great coffee. No seating was avail when I was there at 1:30 on a Thurs. Uptown hipsters on their Apple products. Nice employees.

TerchTerch: Totally a fantastic Skim Latte. Espresso is fruity and delicious.

Tattersall Distilling is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

6. Tattersall Distilling

1620 Central Ave NE (at 18th Ave NE), Minneapolis, MN
Distillery · Logan Park · 25 tips and reviews

Alicia W.Alicia Wahl: Hipsters only. All others be shunned.

Nathan W.Nathan Wright: Tattersall is great place to take a large group of friends to kick off an evening. The cocktails some time to make but are well worth the wait. Note: this place is LOUD. Can't wait to come back.

Jaime L.Jaime Lee: Gin and tonic on tap!

Pat's Tap is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

7. Pat's Tap

3510 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN
Gastropub · Lyndale · 120 tips and reviews

Robert N.Robert Nogler: Don't let dirty hipsters steal your beer while playing skeeball

Jayzen P.Jayzen Patria: The perfect mix of hipster stache and urban bear (with skeeball)

Bryant D.Bryant Dittmer: Hipsters, skee-ball and beer.

Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

8. Seward Co-op Grocery & Deli

2601 East Franklin Avenue (22nd Ave S), Minneapolis, MN
Organic Grocery · Seward · 94 tips and reviews

Florence W.Florence Wong: Oooh, yummy stuff for omnis and vegans alike. Affordable diner style food, like burgers, hot coffee, beer. Casual, grungy, hipster, queer-friendly vibe. Near radical bookstore Boneshaker Books too :)

Jon M.Jon Mayfield: Great veg friendly food. Try the wild rice burger

Melissa H.Melissa Hansen: Please be patient in the parking lot.

Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theater is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

9. Bryant-Lake Bowl & Theater

810 W Lake St (at Bryant Ave S), Minneapolis, MN
Bowling Alley · Lyn Lake · 126 tips and reviews

Sean L.Sean Lee: Just another overrated overpriced hipster wannabe hangout! The bowling here is awful, poorly maintained and the management wants to do nothing about it!

Amy S.Amy Sullivan: Unique menu! Delicious food, vintage bowling, fun crowd. Servers are a little full of themselves but that may be a result of serving too many hipsters.

Jake S.Jake Smith: The BBQ Bowler is the best item on the breakfast menu. Pro Tip: You can substitute breakfast potatoes for the mixed greens. I recommend you do that.

Mayslack's is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

10. Mayslack's

1428 4th St NE (at NE 15th Ave), Minneapolis, MN
Dive Bar · Sheridan · 58 tips and reviews

Robert B.Robert Bentley: Ahhhhhhh hipsters everywhere!!!

Shaun Z.Shaun Zimmerman: The Whole Hog (pulled pork topped with bacon & a slice of ham) made me channel my inner Kermit the Frog. It's tasty.

Adam A.Adam Arseneau: Nobody beats Mayslack's meat!

Galactic Pizza is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

11. Galactic Pizza

2917 Lyndale Ave S (W 29th St), Minneapolis, MN
Pizzeria · Lyn Lake · 40 tips and reviews

City PagesCity Pages: A spandex-clad superhero will deliver you carefully made, nicely zesty pizza pies topped with your choice of vegan, organic, or just good and tasty toppings. Read more.

Laurel K.Laurel Krahn: Have a pizza that is delivered by a superhero who drives an electric car. Tip well. I recommend The Thailander, but there are many good options.

Conal N.Conal Null: try the ranch dude pizza.

Kitty Cat Klub is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

12. Kitty Cat Klub

313 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN
Bar · Dinkytown · 48 tips and reviews

Chelsea V.Chelsea Vance: Forgive the passive aggressive bartenders. They're Minnesota hipsters, they can't help it. The place is worth a visit for the ambience alone, super comfy couches and sweet shows are an added bonus.

Cole J.Cole Jellings: Love this place. Very laid back with amazing live music almost nightly it seems. Grab a spot in back and enjoy!

City PagesCity Pages: By night, this club whips off its glasses and pours on the glitter. Dance nights like Hotel and Blackout offer forward-thinking party music in a venue that bridges the gap between friendly and hip. Read more.

Walker Art Center is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

13. Walker Art Center

1750 Hennepin Ave (at Vineland Pl), Minneapolis, MN
Art Museum · 95 tips and reviews

Ben J.Ben Johnson: Don't stand too close to the exhibit with potatoes and diet coke cans glued to the used diaper. Some hipster girl with a half shaved head will scold you. They are trying to preserve the poop smears.

Fernando C.Fernando Covas: Truly a gem. Worth visiting just for the architecture, but the art is amazing as well.

Chris M.Chris Menning: Go to Walker Art Center on a Thursday night for free events.

Memory Lanes and the Flashback Cafe is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

14. Memory Lanes and the Flashback Cafe

2520 26th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN
Bowling Alley · Seward · 47 tips and reviews

Tom M.Tom Miles: Beware of hipsters! They are annoying as fuck! Especially on monday nights

Jeremy H.Jeremy Huston: The steak dinner is delicious. You don't need any sauce for your steak and the mashed potatoes and gravy are good as well.

City PagesCity Pages: Track down bartender Kevin (also responds to "Batman") and ask for "The Combat Rock" off of the top-secret menu. Made with Avión Tequila and hot sauce, this drink is not for the faint of heart.

Caffetto is one of The 15 Best Hipster Places in Minneapolis.

15. Caffetto

708 W 22nd St (at Lyndale Ave S), Minneapolis, MN
Café · Lowry Hill East · 65 tips and reviews

Yoni R.Yoni Reinharz: Vegan chocolate espresso muffins (from Hard Times) is the bomb. I love Caffetto cuz it's where the slightly poorer, less pretty, hipsters go to chain smoke.

Dan W.Dan Walch: I see hipsters

Gabriel G.Gabriel Garbow: Good drip coffee. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Cafe offers sandwiches and sweets and don't run out in the evening, which is a problem at many coffee shops.