La Jacobine is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

1. La Jacobine

59 rue Saint-André des Arts, Paris, Île-de-France
French Restaurant · Saint-Germain-des-Prés · 124 tips and reviews

Joanna G.Joanna Gong: Love this restaurant. Good price to show guests French food. Wonderful entree ravioli and onion soup. Escargot is not too buttery. Great dessert. You won't be disappointed. Make reservations!

Roxanna S.Roxanna Samii: Excellent Onion soup and try their lamb. Wonderful service. I will definitely go back once in town. Highly recommend it

Alina J.Alina Juantorena: This place is amazing, everything is delicious. The lamb is wonderful, the onion soup is delicious and really hot so be careful. The deserts are really tasty

Hakata Choten is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

2. Hakata Choten

53 rue des Petits Champs, Paris, Île-de-France
Japanese Restaurant · Palais-Royal · 78 tips and reviews

Tao T.Tao Tao: Fantastic Ramen. Go for the special with black sauce and spicy miso. Gyoza also excellent

Ella C.Ella Coster: The best ramen in paris !Excellent black ramen!!

Edouard M.Edouard Mazel: Great ramen ! You must taste Ramen special of the chef !

Phở Bánh Cuốn 14 is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

3. Phở Bánh Cuốn 14

129 avenue de Choisy, Paris, Île-de-France
Vietnamese Restaurant · 127 tips and reviews

Kenneth K.Kenneth Kwok: The best pho in Paris. Beats Sông Qué in London by a mile!

JETJET: Best pho in Paris and better than any pho I've had in London.

Fung Y.Fung Yi: Pho ga is my favourite. Cha gio (no8) is good too. Probably the best Vietnamese soup base I've had. Long queues every night.

Kodawari Ramen is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

4. Kodawari Ramen

29 rue Mazarine, Paris, Île-de-France
Ramen Restaurant · 59 tips and reviews

Luisa P.Luisa Pires: Tasty ramen and great service. A resto to keep on my list of best restaurants à Paris

Ieva A.Ieva Andrukaitytė: Hands down the best ramen in Paris. Choice of four different broths (kuruguma ninniku ramen pictured). 14€ with tamago.

Adrienne W.Adrienne Woodland: Try the black sesame ramen, and order the suggested add-pjs. So unique and delicious

Taing Song-Heng is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

5. Taing Song-Heng

3 rue Volta, Paris, Île-de-France
Vietnamese Restaurant · Arts et Métiers · 48 tips and reviews

Yilin Z.Yilin Z: Best pho in Paris. Not "one of" the bests. Same authentic taste for decades. Eating environment is rather terrible (won't lie), so if you live nearby get the takeaway.

Romain C.Romain Cettier: Amazing service, respect indicated hours, pho bo & bo bun are amazing. Prices are very fair for the quantity and place is filled with vietnamese locals!

Maya S.Maya Shanmugam: The pho is so good, plus the cheapest I’ve seen so far, 8€

Ippudo is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

6. Ippudo

74-76 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paris, Île-de-France
Ramen Restaurant · Les Halles · 39 tips and reviews

Manuel T.Manuel Trevilla: Amazing and ramen like all branches worldwide. This restaurant is very small and without the cool flare that has the NYC restaurants. If you want great ramen go here, you can ask for chilly powder.

Kirsty G.Kirsty Green: The best Ramen i've had, the spicy special was indeed: special. Also the buns were wonderful and all the sauces and seasonings very morish!

V G.V Gupta: Ramen one of the best in the world, particularly the spicy pork one. Hirata buns also excellent. Long waits.

Ippudo is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

7. Ippudo

14 rue Grégoire de Tours, Paris, Île-de-France
Ramen Restaurant · Saint-Germain-des-Prés · 47 tips and reviews

Eric D.Eric Dallemagne: Ippudo is the king of ramen. It is truly the best authentic ramen Hakata tonkotsu pork soup in Paris and arguably in the world.

Victoria M.Victoria Mazzuki: The buns are incredible, and the range of ramen is really nice and very Parisian friendly - you can get chicken instead of pork! Flavorful and authentic, This ramen is some of my favorite in Paris.

Constance |.Constance | @croostifoodi: Excellent and authentic ramen: great broth, pork and toppings. Akamaru tamago ramen is tasty. Be sure to ask for a soft egg in your ramen. No queue at 7:30pm. Skip the pork bun.

Dosanko どさん子 is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

8. Dosanko どさん子

40 rue Sainte-Anne, Paris, Île-de-France
Noodle House · Vivienne · 31 tips and reviews

Bartosz C.Bartosz Cicharski: Perfect ramen, just like in Japan. And very nice service.

Almog T.Almog Tlumak: I'm absolutely in love with this ramen, ate in five places and always back here. Kind staff, great ramen, cheap and good portions! Try the prune liquor too!

MatthieuMatthieu: Authentic, delicious, cheap ramen. Served by friendly service, be aware that there is always a line to wait. Menu for 16,50€ is perfect.

Les Philosophes is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

9. Les Philosophes

28 rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, Île-de-France
French Restaurant · Hôtel-de-Ville · 228 tips and reviews

Jonas P.Jonas Pomoell: Onion soup gratin is amazing and enough for a lunch

Valentina T.Valentina T: nice spot! small but cozy!! super fresh bread, try carrot soup with cumino

DimkaDimka: Tried soup and salad here and definitely going back!

Kintaro is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

10. Kintaro

24 rue Saint-Augustin, Paris, Île-de-France
Japanese Restaurant · Gaillon · 139 tips and reviews

Christine W.Christine Wong: delicious ramen, especially the one with leeks.

Alessandra M.Alessandra Mariotti: Great cheap place for a quick lunch. Lovely ramen and gyoza!

Eugene S.Eugene Sinkevici: Kimchi are superb, soba udon, yaki soba

Sanukiya is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

11. Sanukiya

9 rue d'Argenteuil, Paris, Île-de-France
Udon Restaurant · Palais-Royal · 186 tips and reviews

Samuel C.Samuel Chan: Original concept! Good and fresh food! A place awesome for lovers udon/ramen soups!

Marc K.Marc Kosberg: Best joint for udon, don't forget to add a poached egg to your soup it is heaven!

Matteo S.Matteo Saragoni: Udon with pork slices in miso soup was great! (The first one on the menu). 90% of customers here are Japanese, so you can trust this place!

Le Saint-Régis is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

12. Le Saint-Régis

6 rue Jean du Bellay, Paris, Île-de-France
Bistro · Notre-Dame · 199 tips and reviews

Josef S.Josef Szotten: Must have the onion soup - really tasty (it comes with cheese and bread *in* the soup). Staff is so friendly and everyone's food looks delicious as well. Gets pretty crowded but it's worth it.

DenizDeniz: excellent:)) very very nice!you should try the onion soup

Camille L.Camille L: The most amazing, perfect bowl of French onion soup!

Trois Fois plus de Piment is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

13. Trois Fois plus de Piment

184 rue Saint-Martin (Rue aux Ours), Paris, Île-de-France
Szechuan Restaurant · Temple · 67 tips and reviews

Constance |.Constance | @croostifoodi: Delicious and authentic Sichuan food. Get dumplings and the Sichuan beef noodle soup! Careful on the spice's level, you can choose from 0 to 5 but 0.5 is already quite spicy.

Micaela F.Micaela Ferraz: Great and authentic Chinese ramen / noodles!

Florian F.Florian Fuhrmann: Perfect authentic and spicy Szechuan food. Must go in Paris - try the dandan noodles or the spicy beef noodle soup.

Le Grand Colbert is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

14. Le Grand Colbert

2 rue Vivienne (Rue des Petits Champs), Paris, Île-de-France
Brasserie · Vivienne · 100 tips and reviews

Anna A.Anna Anna: I was worried this was a tourist trap, but it is not! The service is flawless and the food is quintessentially French. I had the onion soup and the roast chicken, delicious! I would come again.

Stanislav C.Stanislav Cherepanov: The best onion soup in Paris. Try it! Don't take tea. They use tea bags for cups.

Lay Lim T.Lay Lim Teo: The onion soup is amazing. And the fish dishes are all very, very good.

Hokkaido is one of The 15 Best Places for Soup in Paris.

15. Hokkaido

14 rue Chabanais, Paris, Île-de-France
Ramen Restaurant · Vivienne · 112 tips and reviews

Cristian S B.Cristian S Bonvissuto: excellent. don't expect sushi or raw fish, this is the house of ramen and Japanese style fried noodles. gyoza are perfect

Konstantin K.Konstantin Koloskov: Amazing ramen and the best value and quantity for money you can get in this district!

Sean R.Sean Robison: Excellent ramen.