Cobra is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

1. Cobra

Milady Horákové 688/8 (Veverkova), Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Bar · Holešovice · 82 tips and reviews

VirvaVirva: Interior is really cozy and hip, service is a bit posh. Nice drink list.

Jan S.Jan Stawarczyk: Beer, crowdy, hip

Raian R.Raian Razal: Nice place to do some work and start the day with coffee! Or some mid day drinks. Chill vibe and very trendy.

Super Tramp Coffee is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

2. Super Tramp Coffee

Opatovická 18 (Pasáž Spálená), Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Praha 2 · 87 tips and reviews

Anja B.Anja Burlica: Stylish place, good coffee, fair prices, nice people and good music. Not an average hipster place!

MargaritaMargarita: Hip and lovely spot hidden in an amazing backyard. The serving is very stylish. Love this place!

Jozefina S.Jozefina Shantoja: A great, chill hip cafe with a lovely staff, peaceful and delicious baked goods and coffee. Everything is perfect about this cafe!

La Bohème Café is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

3. La Bohème Café

Sázavská 2031/32, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Praha 2 · 242 tips and reviews

Milos L.Milos Lalic: Stylish interior, great selection of coffee from Africa and Latin America, expert baristas and interesting playlist(Havent heard Spiderman in a cafe for a looong time). Coffee nerd heaven

Lucie Z.Lucie Zahradnickova: Stylish interiors, cozy environment - probably the most beautiful coffee place in Prg. Their Iced Latte was good, quality coffee, but the milk was too plain. Their Lavender & Mango coffee tasted funny

Jaryd C.Jaryd Carolin: Cool, hip and very spacious cafe to hang out in!

Stalin Containall is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

4. Stalin Containall

Letenské sady, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Beer Garden · Holešovice · 51 tips and reviews

Leña H.Leña Holubice: Most hip place in Prague. Get a beer and relax

Zoltán C.Zoltán Csillag: Great outdoor place with amazing music and very hip crowd. Good local beers and drinks, great view of the city. Cash only!

Andrew P.Andrew Pribram-Riddell: Really hip place for young people to hang out. Cool concept. Can even catch movies here.

Místo is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

5. Místo

Bubenečská 284/12 (Jaselská), Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Dejvice · 208 tips and reviews

Yulia Y.Yulia Yulia: Cozy place. Pleasant service. Dishes brings a stylish chef in a shirt and bow tie. Delicious homemade lemonades. There are vegetarian dishes. Reasonable prices. I advise!

Julie G.Julie G: Super nice light stylish space which is not so typical for this city. They know how to make delicious coffee. And cookies.:) And food. Highly recommend.

Aleksander B.Aleksander B: Very trendy

EMA espresso bar is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

6. EMA espresso bar

Na Florenci 1420/3, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Coffee Shop · Nové Město Sever · 379 tips and reviews

Marcel B.Marcel B: Great coffee coming with stylish design makes you want to come every day.

Lukas M.Lukas Merk: Very hip and stylish. One of the best coffee in Prague!

Kateřina M.Kateřina Matějková: Definitely one of the best cafes in Prague. Simple stylish interior, perfect coffee, friendly baristas. Large selection of Czech pastries and cakes - and they're planning to add some glutenfree ones.

Momoichi Coffetearia is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

7. Momoichi Coffetearia

Římská 35, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Vinohrady · 84 tips and reviews

A'kim Pavel L.A'kim Pavel Lichka: Very trendy place with excellent Asian cuisine. I love it. Crazy steam punk coffee machine at the bar. Friendly stuff and amazing stylish sweets. Must try.. 😘

Nela Z.Nela Zelenková: Super trendy place with amazing japanese desserts, tea and coffee. Try the cheescake! It's so different!

Karin M.Karin Mesiariková: Cute place. The matcha coffee was nice, cakes too. Go there if you're looking for a stylish place in prague.

Cafe Letka is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

8. Cafe Letka

Letohradská 44 (Ovenecká), Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Holešovice · 132 tips and reviews

Klemen P.Klemen Plausteiner: Good coffee, nice ambient. Very trendy

Martina Lilli T.Martina Lilli Tvrzová: Stylish interior and nice staff. Good place to go to right after a stroll in Letná park.

Aurélie G.Aurélie Guinel: Hip but unpretentious café. Worth a visit and definitely a stop after a National Technical museum visit!! LOVED it

Café Louvre is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

9. Café Louvre

Národní 22, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Staré Město · 571 tips and reviews

Anna M.Anna M: Stylish restaurant with excellent food and service! A must do!

Maik B.Maik Brachmann: Stylish Café and Restaurant. Food and desserts are delicious

Vojta T.Vojta Tesarek: Stylish cafe with great food and service!! No wifi talk to each other :)

Groove Bar is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

10. Groove Bar

Voršilská 6, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Cocktail Bar · Praha 2 · 173 tips and reviews

Johny R.Johny Raz: Hip and trendy place

Kristyna V.Kristyna Vondraskova: Trendy place with a wide range of drinks and cool music

Vuk M.Vuk Milanovic: Hands down the best cocktail bar in Prague (prob for age 23-35 or so). Super hip, very "lounge-y". Cool music (DJ's most days). Cocktails are amazing!! And cheap comp. to Hemingway's /Tretter's etc.

Cafe~Cafe is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

11. Cafe~Cafe

Rytířská 10, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Staré Město · 388 tips and reviews

Zuzana M.Zuzana M.: Beautiful, bigger (new!) space. Many friendly people. And stylish, fashionable and goodlooking ones. Really, this is the most coolest cafe in Prague. And their cheesecakes are the best.

Maroš S.Maroš Strič: good looking stylish place with coffees for reasonable prices and outstanding tasty cakes :) and you can not overlook it from the street!

Michelle A.Michelle Atha: The best cakes in Prague, very trendy coffee place

Monolok is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

12. Monolok

Moravská 18, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Praha 2 · 281 tips and reviews

ChristieneeChristienee: Really stylish place. So cool in there ✌️ I love that eggs with croissant and orange fresh juice 😍🍊

Nela Z.Nela Zelenková: Trendy place with very good coffee, cakes and snacks. You should definitely try the French breakfast - croissant with raspberry jam and lemon curd.

Thea K.Thea Kučerová: Stylish brunch place

Bistro 8 is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

13. Bistro 8

Veverkova 8, Praha, Hlavní město Praha
Café · Holešovice · 164 tips and reviews

Honza L.Honza Lembas: Trendy place for a chat with friends :)

Radek N.Radek Novak: Hip place where one can get great brunch even at 3pm. Had bacon and eggs plate and sausage plate, both delicious. Expensive though.

Martina Lilli T.Martina Lilli Tvrzová: One of the best places for a proper brunch in Prague. Also, a good option for an afternoon snack and a cup of coffee in this hip area.

Wokin is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

14. Wokin

Purkyňova 74/2 (Spálená), Praha 1, Hlavní město Praha
Noodle House · 90 tips and reviews

Ksana F.Ksana Fedorova: Friendly staff, stylish place, nice food for good prices!)

WonderlinaWonderlina: Wokin is prowokatively delicious! Get your hip noodles fix with a great choice of vegetables and sauces! Excellent service, delicious quick meal, vegetarian-friendly! That buckwheat soba, mm!

Kuba V.Kuba Vostatek: Excellent noodles for a reasonable price, nice staff plus you get your meal really quick

I Need Coffee! is one of The 15 Best Trendy Places in Prague.

15. I Need Coffee!

Na Moráni 7 (Dittrichova), Praha
Coffee Shop · Nové Město Jih · 145 tips and reviews

Ondrej K.Ondrej K: Really great little café! Quiet, simple & stylish interior, delicious coffee, nice service. Good alternative to all the normal cafés with large busy interiors and people working on their laptops.

Barush M.Barush Maush: Stylish, clean, inspirative space. Really nice services. They don't take €.

Andrew P.Andrew Pribram-Riddell: Yes, it's a very nice hip little place. Cappuccino was not strong enough for my taste. No cards. No decaf. Not much seating.