iapm Mall is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

1. iapm Mall

999 Huaihai M Rd | 淮海中路999号 (Shaanxi S Rd & Yangyang S Rd | 陕西南路,襄阳南路), Xuhui, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Xúhuì · 56 tips and reviews

Martin F.Martin Fei: Great new mall. Sleek design and top service. Clean amenities. All the shops you can think of are here.

AlimaAlima: The best shopping mall in Shanghai. Perfect location, lots of good food, the best cinema.

Vanessa V.Vanessa Vovor: Super fancy mall. Plenty of edgy fashion brands and delicious meal/delicacy options. Don't miss the supermarket where you can find international stuff to treat yourself !

IFC Mall is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

2. IFC Mall

8 Century Ave | 世纪大道8号 (Yincheng M Rd, Lujiazui Ring Rd | 银城中路, 陆家嘴环路), Pudong, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Lùjiāzuǐ · 55 tips and reviews

Victor G.Victor Garrido: Upscale mall in the heart of Pudong. Free WiFi. Don't miss at the very end the Apple Store, a real copy inside of the one in 5th Ave NYC

José I. R.José I. Ruiz-Caparrós: Nice and modern mall. Full of great shops and european top brands... however I prefer its restaurants!

Kenan B.Kenan Berberoglu: You may not be able to afford $250K wrist watch but you will have a great window shopping experience walking through top fashion brand stores in this upper scale mall.

K11 Art Mall is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

3. K11 Art Mall

300 Huaihai M Rd | 淮海中路300号 (Huangpi S Rd | 黄陂南路), Huangpu, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Huáihǎi Zhōnglù · 45 tips and reviews

Kazim G.Kazim Goker: Thats a great shopping mall containing restaurants, art gallery. Nice roof.

Wenyan Z.Wenyan Zhang: Cool mall with many shops and restaurants!

Robin P.Robin Peckham: Best art program in a Chinese shopping mall

Jing'an Kerry Centre is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

4. Jing'an Kerry Centre

1515 Nanjing W Rd | 南京西路1515号 (Tongren Rd | 铜仁路), Jing'an, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Jìng'an · 25 tips and reviews

Jeremy S.Jeremy Shih: Located in the very center of the city, reopened in 2013 as a complex of mall, restaurants, cinemas, offices, serviced apartments and luxury hotel, it's becoming the most elegant landmark in Shanghai.

Harika B.Harika Bilici: Do not miss the south wing off the mall! (Easy to miss) Watch out for 'Dissona' (B 1) this Chinese handbag brand has great quality and style.

dixson l.dixson lv: Best shopping mall in Shanghai ever

Kerry Parkside is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

5. Kerry Parkside

1378 Huamu Rd (Fangdian Rd), Pudong, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · 38 tips and reviews

CSCS: One of my favorite malls :-)

Oil C.Oil Chou: Opening time 1000-2200. Nice mall with free wifi n wide range of restaurant.

Edwin T.Edwin Tan: the best mall this far into Pudong...

HKRI TaiKoo Hui is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

6. HKRI TaiKoo Hui

789 Nanjing W Rd | 南京西路789号 (Shimen 1st Rd | 石门一路), Jing'an, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Jìng'an · 7 tips and reviews

Mayoon5Mayoon5: It’s one of the coolest mall in Shanghai, unfortunately there’s no outstanding restaurants in here.

Jom D.Jom De Jesus: Wow what great nursing rooms they have at this mall!

Kenny N.Kenny Nair: Upscale mall and nice Cantonese food and pleasant service at Jade Garden.

Joy City is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

7. Joy City

166 Xizang N Rd | 西藏北路166号 (near Qufu Rd | 近曲阜路), Jìng'an, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · 24 tips and reviews

Benjamin M.Benjamin Milne: A pretty good mall with all the usual suspects. Toms world on the 6th floor is good fun for kids 3+ (it's an arcade).

Monica C.Monica C: Such an awesome mall. Beautiful and unique. Lots of stores too.

Adrian A.Adrian Alva: One of the few malls in the world to portray MI products. (Apple kinda techs goods) outstanding prices and quality. Must visit.

Crystal Galleria is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

8. Crystal Galleria

68 Yuyuan Rd | 愚园路68号 (Changde Rd | 常德路), Jingan, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Jìng'an · 10 tips and reviews

Derek P.Derek Philip: Half of this mall is still under construction. But the restaurants on B1 and 6F are mostly open.

Monica C.Monica C: Cute mall with fountain and lots of picture spots

Vincent L.Vincent Law: At the moment, this mall arguably has the best variety of food in Shanghai at multiple price points. Great for foodies!

Xintiandi Style is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

9. Xintiandi Style

245 Madang Rd | 马当路245号 (Zizhong Rd | 自忠路), Huangpu, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Xīntiāndì · 22 tips and reviews

minzyiiiminzyiii: nice mall with interesting shops and few cafes.

Francisco L.Francisco Lopez: Nice mall. There's a good sushi restaurant on the 1st floor. 😃

Alya D.Alya Danilova: Shopping mall with a cool shops of Chinese designers

Raffles City is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

10. Raffles City

1193 Changning Rd | 长宁路1193号 (Kaixuan Rd | 凯旋路), Changning, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · 4 tips and reviews

Clara D.Clara Dominguez: Relaxing mall, just for coffee or shopping . Near subway Zhongshan Park.Food in Morton Grill yummy.

Dave M.Dave Mc: This is really an awesome mall with high-end East & West retail buildings separated by a large green area and even a 19th century converted Catholic Church!

JasonJason: No ATM in the whole mall. Neither within its 3 office buildings. Best bet is to get the cash at Line 2 metro station before you check out.

Réel Mall is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

11. Réel Mall

1601 Nanjing W Rd | 南京西路1601号 (Changde Rd), Jing’an, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Jìng'an · 17 tips and reviews

Francisco L.Francisco Lopez: The mall is huge and it has all kind of stores and restaurants.

H. R.H. Rosner: Beautiful mall with every high-end designer you can imagine. Good choice of food and snacks in the food court downstairs and scattered throughout the mall. Beautiful views from outdoor patios.

Nick K.Nick K: Nice shopping mall with many brands. Good food-court and big MUJI here.

Chamtime Square Mall is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

12. Chamtime Square Mall

No. 3, Lane 1239, Zuchongzhi Rd | 祖冲之路1239弄3号 (Jinke Rd, Halei Rd), Pudong, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Zhāng jiāng · 16 tips and reviews

Edwin T.Edwin Tan: new open style mall. lots of eateries and shops. there's a cinema too

Andreas R.Andreas Reuther: Good lunch options in the shopping mall...

MK C.MK Chan: This is very big shopping mall, connecting metro station. It is very good shopping mall, restaurants are good.

Hongkou Plaza is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

13. Hongkou Plaza

388 Xijiangwan Rd | 西江湾路388号 (at Huayuan Rd | 花园路口), Hongkou, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Guǎng zhōng · 18 tips and reviews

yeo y.yeo yew: Air conditioning poor design, insufficiently cooling! odour in Shopping mall area...

yeo y.yeo yew: Poor air conditioning design, no cooling and ventilation. Odour in shopping mall area.Basement restaurants liked under the sun!

Филина Д.Филина Диана: Just a regular shopping mall

Vanke Mall is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

14. Vanke Mall

3366 Caobao Rd, Minhang, Shanghai
Shopping Mall · Qībǎo · 2 tips and reviews

Dave M.Dave Mc: Very clean high-end mall. Kind of hard to find coffee though. Twosome Coffee on 5/F @ Central Plaza Area. Also Starbucks on 1/F but I never found it.

Metin B.Metin BİLGİN: Güzel hoş bir avm en alt katında çin usulu fast foodlar güzel birde metroya çıkışı oluşu güzel

Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai is one of The 15 Best Places for Malls in Shanghai.

15. Four Seasons Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

210 Century Blvd (at Pucheng Rd), Pudong, Shanghai
Hotel · Lùjiāzuǐ · 9 tips and reviews

Bethany L.Bethany Looi: I love the modern decor throughout the hotel. Also great location right by the mall and easy access to subway station. Definitely have afternoon tea, amazing service and friendly staff!

Dave M.Dave Mc: Close to Lujiazui so you can go to the Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower, the Bottle-Opener Building, Superbrand Mall, the Aquarium and see the Bund from the Pudong Side.

Travel + LeisureTravel + Leisure: Don’t be fooled by the spaceship-like exterior; inside, the sexy addition to the Lujiazui district nods to the 1920’s with Art Deco–inspired rugs and white leather chairs.