Station Heerlen is one of stations.

1. Station Heerlen

Train Station · Stationsplein 1, Heerlen, Limburg
Station Sittard is one of stations.

2. Station Sittard

Train Station · Stationsplein 2, Sittard, Limburg

3. Busstation Hoensbroek

Bus Station · Emmaweg, Hoensbroek, Limburg
Station Susteren is one of stations.

4. Station Susteren

Train Station · Spoorstraat 21, Susteren, Limburg
Station Echt is one of stations.

5. Station Echt

Train Station · Stationsweg 5, Echt, Limburg
Station Geleen Oost is one of stations.

6. Station Geleen Oost

Train Station · Stationsstraat 20, Geleen, Limburg
Station Spaubeek is one of stations.

7. Station Spaubeek

Train Station · Op 't Veldje 1, Spaubeek, Limburg
Station Schinnen is one of stations.

8. Station Schinnen

Train Station · Stationstraat (Nagelbeek), Schinnen, Limburg
Station Nuth is one of stations.

9. Station Nuth

Train Station · Stationsstraat 2, Nuth, Limburg
Station Hoensbroek is one of stations.

10. Station Hoensbroek

Train Station · Economiestraat (Prins Clausstraat), Hoensbroek, Limburg
Station Amsterdam Centraal is one of stations.

11. Station Amsterdam Centraal

Train Station · Stadsdeel Centrum · Stationsplein 15, Amsterdam, North Holland
Station Roermond is one of stations.

12. Station Roermond

Train Station · Stationsplein 8, Roermond, Limburg

christine m.christine mietus: train to maastricht leaves every 30 min. 6 past every half and full hour