1. New York Bar

西新宿3-7-1-2 (パークハイアット東京 52F), Shinjuku, Tokyo
Hotel Bar · 169 tips and reviews

DensDens: Yes yes, the Lost in Translation bar... but also home to one of the best Old Fashioneds I've ever had. If you're hungry, skip the pizza and Just Do It with the $38 burger.

Omnigod is one of Tokyo.

2. Omnigod

(オムニゴッド 代官山)
代官山町11-1 (代官山ハイツ 1F), Shibuya, Tokyo
Clothing Store · 1 tip

DensDens: A little off-the-beaten path but great spot to find clothes you'd find the cool kids in Japan wearing. If I had a bigger suitcase I would have bought more. Rad jackets.

Prism Stone Cafe is one of Tokyo.

3. Prism Stone Cafe

神宮前3-18-27 (パルク表参道 2F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Toy Store · Sendagaya · 5 tips and reviews

DensDens: Japanese dollar store. Worth a lap thru all 4 floors to find some trinkets to bring to your friends back home.

プリクラ NOA is one of Tokyo.

4. プリクラ NOA

神宮前1-17-5 (B1F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Photography Studio · Harajuku · 5 tips and reviews

DensDens: Stop whatever you're doing on Takeshita St & find this place (2nd or 3rd doorway on right, downstairs, after you walk under arch headed away from train station). Photobooths will turn you into anime!

Soccer Shop KAMO is one of Tokyo.

5. Soccer Shop KAMO

神宮前1-14-35 (加茂原宿ビル), Tokyo, Tokyo
Soccer Store · Harajuku · 7 tips and reviews

DensDens: My buddy Ricky says this is the best soccer shoppe in the world. Note: this is the one in Harajuku (which is 10x better than the one in Shinjuku or Shibuya)

6. Seirinkan

上目黒2-6-4, Tokyo, Tokyo
Pizzeria · Kamimeguro · 57 tips and reviews

DensDens: Oh, and know that no matter what you order, they'll only bring out ONE PIZZA AT A TIME (because they don't want you to get distracted / don't want the slices to get cold!) Enjoy!

JANTIQUES is one of Tokyo.


上目黒2-25-13 (101), Tokyo, Tokyo
Antique Store · Kamimeguro · 4 tips and reviews

DensDens: Awesome hipster-esque vintage / antiques store. Don't miss the room in the back left with vintage American flags, patches, etc

8. Sun Fruits

赤坂9-7-4 (東京ミッドタウン ガレリア B1F), Tokyo, Tokyo
Juice Bar · Roppongi · 7 tips and reviews

DensDens: Yes it's in the basement of the mall, but worth the trip to sample the apples and strawberries alone. (beware, Fuji apples can cost $8+)

9. Hey - Hirose Entertainment Yard

(Hey ヒロセエンターテイメントヤード)
外神田1-10-5 (廣瀬本社ビル), Tokyo, Tokyo
Arcade · Soto-Kanda · 51 tips and reviews

DensDens: Head up to the 4th floor (?) to find the ¥10 Super Street Fighter 2 machines. There's only four of them so be patient!

10. 東関部屋

東駒形4-6-4, Tokyo, Tokyo
Martial Arts Dojo · Higashikomagata · 1 tip

DensDens: You'll need a friend who speaks Japanese to sneak into one of the sumo practice sessions, but if you can swing it, you should 100% do this. Get there early (8:30?) for good seats. And no shoes inside!