Tony Dragon's Grille is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

1. Tony Dragon's Grille

62nd St And Madison Ave (Upper East Side), New York, NY
Food Truck · Upper East Side · 29 tips and reviews

BettyBetty: Paleo eaters: Pork skewer for $4. The nuggets are bigger than quarters + 6 pc each. Totally worth it! Juicy, well seasoned, lemony flavor bomb. I am plotting how to make my way back already.

Raja H.Raja H: The charcoal-grilled meat is the highlight of Tony's cart. Sausage or chicken over fluffy rice...or both!

Katherine M.Katherine Matonti: Try the Grilled chicken platter w rice and salad - Add White Sauce and Hot sauce. Yesss :P

DiSO's Italian Sandwich Society is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

2. DiSO's Italian Sandwich Society

New York, NY
Food Truck · Theater District · 16 tips and reviews

Christine D.Christine DaCruz: This food truck is legit: Mickey Scars : fresh Italian bread, roasted eggplant, breaded chicken cutlet, fresh moz, arugula, hot peppers, balsamic dressing - also available as a vegetarian option

Serious EatsSerious Eats: An Italian deli on wheels. Excellent eat and cheese from Di Palo's are sliced to order, the bread is fresh, and the accents are real. Great for an Italian hero.

Cassel K.Cassel Kroll: All the sandwiches are named after mobsters

Yogi Korean Cart is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

3. Yogi Korean Cart

New York, NY
Food Truck · Midtown East · 11 tips and reviews

Ming H.Ming Han: My favorite is the spicy pork taco with spicy mayo, cheese and kimchi. Excellent flavor.

Chris L.Chris L: I get 2 chicken tacos with everything and kimchi and spicy mayo - awesome $5 lunch! They are at 49th and Third Ave on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Matt S.Matt Silverman: Be sketched out at first, and then succumb to the ridiculousness that is their spicy pork. Amazing.

Kelvin Natural Slush Co. Truck is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

4. Kelvin Natural Slush Co. Truck

New York, NY
Food Truck · Flatiron District · 42 tips and reviews

Michael D.Michael Discenza: The passion fruit mix in and tea slush combo is fantastic! Medium is a good size.

The Corcoran GroupThe Corcoran Group: We usually go for the Citrus & Prickly Pear Slushie. The perfect urban pick-me-up.

FoodspottingFoodspotting: Try the Ginger and Mint Slush

GoGo Grill is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

5. GoGo Grill

Broadway (at Battery Pl), New York, NY
Food Truck · Financial District · 42 tips and reviews

Mina O.Mina Oh-Tannouri: Falafel sandwich, pulled pork, and sweet potato fries were amazing! Highly recommend this food vendor!

Spain S.Spain Spain: Probably the two nicest guys I've met in a food cart and by far the best food for the money in FiDi

Josh T.Josh Taroli: Did not meet my high expectations. If you wanna take the burger for a good BBQ taste, it's not the right place to be.

Sammy's Halal Food is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

6. Sammy's Halal Food

W 4th st. (6th ave), New York, NY
Food Truck · Greenwich Village · 11 tips and reviews

ChavelliChavelli: Sammy's is awesome. Get the gyro platter and make sure to ask for chickpeas and the fresh green sauce!

AmberAmber: I have yet to find better halal in NYC. And the guy is always nice.

Saif D.Saif Dia: Extra white sauce

The Casbah is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

7. The Casbah

New York, NY
Food Truck · Lincoln Square · 17 tips and reviews

AlyssaAlyssa: Chicken and falafel combo plater, extra white and red sauce. The perfect meal and for only $5, you definitely will be back.

Jacky C.Jacky C: Tasty Moroccan food for $5. Can't beat that, especially in the UWS.

Ana M.Ana Marija: Great falafel platter for $5.

The Halal Guys is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

8. The Halal Guys

W 53rd St (at 6th Ave), New York, NY
Food Truck · Kips Bay · 853 tips and reviews

Jennifer W.Jennifer Wu: It's definitely worth the wait in line for this reasonably priced bowl of chicken and rice goodness! The ranch sauce to top it off perfects the dish.

Dave S.Dave S: order the combo over rice with white sauce and a little bit of the red sauce

The Corcoran GroupThe Corcoran Group: Known for the best halal in the city, we love to come here for the chicken and gyro combo with white sauce. The portions are huge, so don't feel obligated to finish the whole thing!

Wafels & Dinges Food Truck is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

9. Wafels & Dinges Food Truck

New York, NY
Food Truck · West Village · 24 tips and reviews

Racky R.Racky Ross: One of the best waffles I've had! I love chocolate fillings and toppings. This is serious street food!

Josh T.Josh Taroli: Take the classic one and add the Belgian chocolate fudge. It's heaven! Even my Belgian girlfriend is was overwhelmed.

Niels S.Niels Swimberghe: After 4 months in US I finally had an authentic Belgian waffle again. Its the best thing!

Veronica's Kitchen (cart) is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

10. Veronica's Kitchen (cart)

Front St and Pine St, New York, NY
Food Truck · Financial District · 15 tips and reviews

Serious EatsSerious Eats: Trinidadian home cooking at a lunch-only cart, including standout jerk chicken, curry goat, and roti wraps.

SS+K's Guide to Downtown NYSS+K's Guide to Downtown NY: Try this unsuspecting food cart behind 88 Pine St., with all sorts of daily West-Indian dishes delivered in daily specials. Look for the jerk chicken, candied yams, ribs and more.

Hey N.Hey Nah: Best Trinidadian roti. Ask for the scotch bonnet hot sauce, supplement w Chobani

Sam's Falafel is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

11. Sam's Falafel

Cedar St (btwn Broadway & Trinity Pl), New York, NY
Food Truck · Financial District · 30 tips and reviews

Shayla N.Shayla N.: Best falafel , hands down. Fried eggplant and caramelized onions along with delicious falafel? Yes plz.

Juanito J.Juanito Jugo: eat free homemade pita chips while waiting in line

Jean B.Jean Bæk: Vendy Award winner for best Mediterranean platter. $4 falafel sandwich that fills you up with delishness. What are you waiting for.

Tacos Morelos is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

12. Tacos Morelos

25 Ave A (at E 2nd St), New York, NY
Food Truck · East Village · 52 tips and reviews

Tom D.Tom DiMaggio: Try the goat meat, but you can't go wrong with anything else. Great prices and open all night for those last minute food runs.

Sajid M.Sajid Mehmood: I usually need to go to a place a few times before I'll save it to my "NYC Favorites" list, but this was an instant classic. The quesadillas here are more like large crispy tacos and they're amazing.

Matt S.Matt Silverman: Get the chorizo.

Wafels & Dinges - Vedette Cart is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

13. Wafels & Dinges - Vedette Cart

(60th & 5th Avenue), New York, NY
Food Truck · Chelsea · 322 tips and reviews

Gina C.Gina C.: one of the best food trucks in NYC - their specials are worth trying each time (the caramel apple wafel and pumpkin wafel need to be brought back).

Travel ChannelTravel Channel: Track down the featured BBQ Pulled Pork Wafel; a Belgian waffle topped with pulled barbeque pork. As seen on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food Nation.

Joe M.Joe Mulligan: try the Liege style waffle (it has carmelized sugar and is doughy in the center)

Tariq's #1 Halal Food Cart is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

14. Tariq's #1 Halal Food Cart

240 Park Ave S (19th Street), New York, NY
Food Truck · Gramercy Park · 7 tips and reviews

Karthik R.Karthik Raman: Chicken biryani and tikka are both tasty and feel homemade. The variety and freshness beats other food carts I've tried. Get everything doused in the coriander chutney.

Joanna D.Joanna Dziewit: Chicken Briyani is the best!

JenniferJennifer: The chicken biryani and tikka masala is authentic, delicious and under $6. Samosas are smaller and crispier than usual, but still filling.

Uncle Gussy's is one of The 15 Best Food Trucks in New York City.

15. Uncle Gussy's

345 Park Ave (51st and Park Avenue), New York, NY
Food Truck · Midtown East · 72 tips and reviews

GothamistGothamist: This Greek food truck, serves up gyros, meat platters & crispy seasoned fries. Try the combo platter: big chunks of chicken and lamb gyro over rice; douse with tzatziki, hot sauce and a side of pita. Read more.

Serious EatsSerious Eats: Greek food truck with solid souvlaki, friendly service, and homemade Greek specials like pork chops and baklava. Lines can grow long; go early or late to skip the lunch rush.

LoriLori: My favorite place for lunch and my favorite ppl!! :)